Raththa Charithiram Movie Review

December 3rd, 2010 | | Comments (9)

Banner: Cloud Nine Productions, Cinergy Productions
Production: Dayanidhi Azhagiri, Vivek
Direction: Ram Gopal Varma
Screenplay: Prashanth Pandey
Star-casts: Suriya, Vivek Oberoi, Priyamani, Radhika Apte, Chatrugan Sinha and others.
Music: Dharam-Sandeep
Dialogues: Gnyanavel

Warring families vigilantly fighting against each other is what Rattha Sarithiram speaks off. Generally speaking, the tale of vengeance between two parties has been a commonality in Kollywood. But then the difference lies deeply with Ram Gopal Varma’s a very stunning screenplay. Suriya makes a remarkable performance and this is the every biggest show by the actor.

Mark our words, the actor will go high on places putting behind even the reigning superstars of Bollywood. He achieves his overnight success in Bollywood and Tollywood with this movie.

The film opens with the introduction of Prathap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi) and how the gruesome murder of his father and brother gets him into game settling scores with the ones responsible. Years later, Surya (Suriya) rises to avenge the death of his family members and plans to assassinate Prathap Ravi by remaining inside the prison.

Suriya – The next Superstar of not just Tamil Nadu, but the hero of masses across India. The actor performs each and every shot with an overpowering action. Though Suriya is capable of performing such roles, we never experienced such an astonishing act from him before. It takes some time for the actor to appear as the first 25minutes is nothing but a shortened version of Rakht Charitra-1 as it shows the uprising of Vivek Oberoi. Suriya’s body language while walking into the court is stunning and his fight sequences in second half is thumping. Priyamani gets another opportunity to showcase her potentials. Vivek Oberoi is great in his performance and Radhika Apte as his wife wins the praises. Her emotional outbreak during the climax melts down our hearts. Suriya’s acting during last 15minutes will sweep you on your senses.

Ram Gopal Varma must continue making films in Tamil. This is a big treat from the maverick filmmaker.

Even for a second you wouldn’t move your focus away from the screens, for such is the package.

Verdict: Suriya’s ticket to global stardom

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Comments (9)


  1. sapnasurya says:

    d film s marvelous……………….sure 250 days……………..

  2. anysh says:

    suprb perfomance by surya,his eyes r enuf to spk the dialouges. i thnk rgv has made this for thelugu audiance….. i cudnt feel the rgv factor in this movie, dialouges wr bit dramatic.i hope rgv ll cast surya again for a “pure” rgv movie nd i am sure that tamil audiance ll accept it bcoz thier tastes r changed frm superhuman heroic movies to real life dramas

  3. anysh says:

    comments by taran adarsh, the famous bollywood critic:
    “surya delivers, without doubt, one of the most aggressive and forceful performances Hindi cinema has witnessed this year. I am sure, Surya will woo not just his Tamil fans with his tremendous performance, but also find a new audience base with Rakta Charitra 2: The Hindi movie-going audience. Southern superstar Surya is a welcome addition to the ranks of A-list heroes in the Hindi film industry.”

  4. Anjali says:

    SUrYa Has d0Ne an AmaZin peRf0mANcE…in tis m0ovie…Hats 00ff xx

  5. krishna says:

    very nice film….surya acting is gud….

  6. DevikaSurya says:

    Hi surya! RathaCharithiram is extraordinary film pa. ur Character was very different pa ………..

  7. Raj says:

    Dnt lie,..really flim s not dng good,…waste….

  8. surya's PENANG friend says:

    I will not agree with RAJ comment, because we have whatch this film and I’m very sure that this movie will be a succes film in TAMILNADU. WE like the part when he was walking to the court using his body language…….

  9. jinglika says:

    this movie sucks ……….. watever surya does , this movie is a flop. surya sux in this movie , over acting , idiotic actor .
    he thinks he is mass of tamil nadu , he is just dhusu .
    real mass are vijay and ajith . (after rajni & kamal) . surya wants to throw ajith and vijay , but he is not even half of what they are . this man is a dummy before them
    Now tat vijay and ajith have become frnds , their fans have stopped fighting , they are choosing gr8 stories , its gonna be their rule in tamil cinema forever , surya is like some new face hero , he is like vimal or jai

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